Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Baby is Three.

Wow....2months since my last post. No excuses...just going to jump back in.

Xan turned 3 years old on Monday and I can't believe just how fast it goes. It seems like yesterday that we were watching her learn to roll over or take her first steps. She is an absolute delight. She loves to dress up in her princess dresses (thank you Reagan and Aunt Lori) and is very into the disn*y movies with any kind of princess. "Cinderetta" is her current favorite but it has also been Ariel, Mulan and Belle. She was running thru the house the other night just playing by herself (in full princess garb) while Stan and I were working on something together. After she ran by about 3 or 4 times I finally stopped to see what she was doing. She would run and "accidentally" loose one of her "gwass swippers" while running away. When I finally caught on I interupted her fantasy moment to tell her I had found a glass slipper and I would love to see if it fit her foot. She was SO excited and gladly sat down, propped her little leg out there and pointed her toe for me to gingerly place the shoe ( that is at least 3-4 sizes too big) onto her foot for a perfect fit. It was a neat moment for both of us.

We celebrated her birthday while we were visiting in Texas...she actually got to have 2 parties due to an untimely occurrence (and reoccurrence) of the stomach bug and she loved every minute of both of them. These are some pics from those parties.

Princess Party - Take One @ Nana & Grandaddy's House in Idalou

The girl loves accessories.....she changed crowns, lost the dress and put on all the bling.

Princess Party - Take Two at Aunt Amanda & Uncle Stephen's House in Lubbock
Yet another crown.......

We celebrated on Monday with just the three of us and it was a good day.

Elmo balloon and three dollars too......I like this birthday thing. It just keeps going and going and going.

They brought the dessert and were singing to her but she wanted to sing she did. One round of Happy Birthday and it's a party to her. woohoo
I've got more dress up pics that I'll try to post later this week. (Hello Aunt Judy.....hope you hadn't given up on me.)