Saturday, November 15, 2008

Me & My Fwend

Here are some shots of Xan and Eva recently.

After the Fall Festival we hit Burger K*ng and got some burgers and crowns.

We had Eva one evening while her parents enjoyed a night out and after the girls had their baths they played ride the horsie with Stan and giggled for 1/2 an hour.

....and the horsie pooped out and dropped his riders. more giggling

Good Times

Just some random pictures from good times we've had recently.

Helping out in the kitchen....she loves to taste whatever I'm making. Tonight she asked if she could lick the beaters after I mashed potatoes.

We went to a fall festival and they had face painting which might have been ok but the lady doing the painting was dressed up like a black and white spotted dog and had her face all painted black and white so Xan was a tad bit nervous. I tried to convince her it would be ok by getting my hand painted but that backfired b/c then she just wanted her hand painted. Oh well......

We made a day trip to visit Anderson University with our friends Teresa and Amanda and we had a wonderful time. Amanda keeps Xan one/two days a week while I work and Teresa is often there too. Xan LOVES Miss Manda and Miss Teesa and they LOVE her too.....which makes this momma very happy. Here she and Amanda are being silly together.

Yes....that is a giant coffee that I'm allowing my daughter to drink. Actually it was a "Javalanche" that these three enjoyed at Anderson Univ while we were killing some time. Sad to say but yes...Xan likes coffee almost as much as she likes Diet Coke--which is, by the way, one of "Miss Teesa's" favorites and she and Xan often partake of that beverage together.

Trick or Treat

Ok...I"m a little late getting these pictures posted but better late than never. Xan was a golfer and Stan was her caddie. I was pretty proud of myself for crafting his smock using green material and white duct tape. :)

We went over to the Spencer's to T or T and take a few pics.

"OK....enough with all the pictures....where's my caddie? These things are heavy!"

Xan and Eva weren't too sure about T or T at first but they quickly warmed up

and had a good time....but then have fun together no matter what they are doing so I guess the

night was really more for us mom and dads than them.

Sunday Morning Cutie

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Masters 2021

Camera issues are prohibiting me from uploading the pics I took so I stole this one from Danielle's blog. I'll post some more later.