Sunday, May 6, 2012

We Are in Guangzhou

Woohoo....we made it to Guangzhou on Friday and we are taking care of
the final steps in Maggie Mei's adoption. The purpose of this trip is
to obtain her USA Visa which will allow her to come to America. Our
Internet in the hotel isn't working reliably so my optimistic plans of
posting to the blog each day have been shot. I'm trying to publish
this post via email from my phone....we will see if it works. For
now.....we are having fun and I'll have lots of pictures to post
later. We've tried to take shots of Maggie Mei in the same places we
took of Xan almost 6 years ago. That's been fun and nostaligic both.
Lots of sweet memories being recalled and many more being made.

~Chat with ya later