Friday, September 24, 2010

Maybe we'll win-

Our adoption agency, America World, publishes a calendar each year full of photos that families are asked to submit of their adoptive families. I submitted a few the first year we had Xan but since then the deadline always snuck up on me and I never did get any sent in. Well this year was different...I actually got them submitted on time (hey.....the very last day counts). I'm pretty sure I've posted most of them before but thought I'd share them again.

The prize if you "win" is to have your picture actually appear in the calendar along with receiving a few free calendars. As you can imagine, they receive many more photos than what they can publish but hey......I think she's pretty stinking cute so maybe, just maybe we'll win.

Chat with ya later-

Monday, September 13, 2010

China Safety

The Chinese have a ways to go before I'll be impressed with their safety features and protocols.......and this is one reason why.

This is an "e-bike" (almost identical to the one we have) and as you can see the owner got creative and did a little add on for his/her little one. We have seen this more than once and many times we've seen a Dad driving, Mom riding behind him and her holding a tiny little baby between them......tiny!

Like I said...they are a long way from the 5 point Britax car seat I insisted on just a short 4 years ago. But lest I sound too harsh on just the locals, we expats are almost as bad. We run all over town on our own e-bikes and merge and honk right along with the rest of them. When in Rome.....

Chat with ya later.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Ride


A certain little someone had been working on completing a good habits chart for almost a month. She had been promised, by a certain other two someones, that she could have a scooter when she met the goal. There was a very specific scooter that was being worked towards. It HAD to be a pink princess scooter because another certain little someone had also received one recently. Well she did it and she got it and that little someone has been smiling ever since.