Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Ride


A certain little someone had been working on completing a good habits chart for almost a month. She had been promised, by a certain other two someones, that she could have a scooter when she met the goal. There was a very specific scooter that was being worked towards. It HAD to be a pink princess scooter because another certain little someone had also received one recently. Well she did it and she got it and that little someone has been smiling ever since.


Anonymous said...

Sure is a cute little someone! Love you,

we are the spencers said...

:) love it. what else does she want? way to go xan and earn a scooter. we should do that with eva. miss you guys. wish the girls could ride together!!!

Lori said...

LOVE it!!!! (although a little jealous.....Reagan's 'good habit' chart has also been started, but she's saving for an iTouch. Don't think 1 month will cut it. I'm afraid gone are the days for 'cheap rewards' for our Miss Pre-tweener!) haha