Saturday, August 16, 2008

All Dressed Up

I've been very slack at updating the blog but I'm finally getting caught up. These are some pics of Xan all dressed up for a birthday party and being a ham for the camera. We bought this outfit for her when we were in China. It seemed so large at the time and now she fits into it. She is just growing and getting sweeter every day. I've posted lots of other pics below this post in 4 additional posts labeled "Catching Up".
I'm going to try and do better about updating on a more regular basis. I always have such good intentions and just don't get it done.

Catching Up Part 1- Swimming

We spent several days this summer cooling off in the pool. We enjoyed days at the Adams' home and at the neighborhood pool with the Kryshtalowych girls. Xan has done well for the relatively few times she's been in the water. She'll blow bubbles and loves the baby pool. She does not love going under. We think we'll do lessons next summer.

Graham Adams, Eva, Laurel Adams, and Xan

Getting her hair wet.....she was so proud!

Kelley and Sofia Grace (a little water baby--she loves the water!)

She wore these goggles for 15 minutes or so and looked so funny.

Catching Up Part 2- Xan and Eva

Xan and Eva continue to enjoy being together. They wore the same dress one day and we thought it was too cute to pass up taking pics.

Catching Up Part 3-- How they spend their time.

Baba spends his time at the computer.....learning Mandarin currently. He is a big fan of Rosetta Stone software.

Mom, on the other hand, is frequently in the kitchen and I like to wear my apron and test whatever we're making together.

Catching Up -Part 4 Our Golfer in Training

"Keep your head down", said the golf coach.

But then the golf coach saw this cute thing underneath that cap and quickly changed his tune to "do whatever you want my little princess."

And the student is just as crazy about her golf coach.....this was right after a big smackeroo just for him. (I so love watching them interact together......makes my heart happy).