Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Greeted by a Princess

I got home from work yesterday and was greeted by this sweet little princess wearing Belle's dress, Cinderella shoes and Snow White's headband. She was also adequately accessorized with a necklace and earrings. In case you hadn't noticed....she is very "girly".

However, she is also a gum lover and had a huge piece of watermelon bubblegum in her mouth (which aromatically reminded me of those oh so awkward junior high years).

She has a very strong opinion about the placement of her crowns and in this case headbands. They do not go on top of your head....they are worn like a headband and there is no convincing her otherwise. (her placement choice reminds me of a bad decision related to prom headwear in those oh so still awkward high school years...but I digress).

Have I mentioned lately how crazy I am about this little person?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feeling the Love

So to completely understand this post you need some background information.

Background Point # 1
I have wanted (read coveted, pouted about, strongly desired, been jealous about others) a KitchenAid stand mixer for about 5 or 6 years now. This may not seem like something worthy of such strong emotions but for me…..I WANTED ONE. However, God is in infinite wisdom would gently steer me away from them each and everytime I was at the store drooling over them and contemplating charging one on the credit card. (bad I know but hey…I told you they were strong feelings).

Background Point #2
I discovered Pioneer Woman’s blog sometime ago and she has frequent contests where she gives away some really neat things……some of which have been kitchen aid mixers (and even multiple ones on several occasions). I shared my find with my Aunt Freddi and she too has become a Pioneer Woman fan. If I saw one of her contests with a mixer as a prize I would call/text/ email/ hunt down Freddi and ever so gently encourage her to enter (b/c I can only enter once…..the nerve). Of course, I would also remind her that since she already owned a very nice KitchenAid mixer that her dear, sweet, loving niece in South Carolina would gladly take the prize should she be selected as a winner. She was always so gracious and promised to comply with our little agreement. (It may also have something to do with me mentioning all the secrets that I have from her but maybe not...just a thought).

OK-No more background, here is the actual post.

This past Wednesday the UPS man drives up to my door about 6pm with a delivery. I don’t usually get too excited about these things b/c Stan is an Amazon junkie and we receive book deliveries for him on frequent occasions and Xan has received boxes of goodies from her grandparents. So when I saw this large box being toted to my door I assumed it was for Xan.

Oh to my surprise….it was addressed to me. OH…yeah baby….now we’re talking!!
I danced around the entry way singing "Momma got a present…Momma got a present". I was so excited and I didn’t even have a clue what it was…..could’ve been a big ol box of Styrofoam peanuts but I didn’t care cause...."Momma got a present".

Then I saw the return address……Williams & Sonoma. Now, being the appreciative stalker fan of KitchenAid mixers that I am I know that W&S just happen to carry them ……I’m smart like that and I just know things -ok-don't judge me.

After I got through the brown shipping box I discovered a beautifully wrapped gift box that I removed and lovingly stared at it for several hours just to make this whole “Momma got a present” phase last a bit longer.

Yeah Right! I tore that box open like a 5 year old at Christmas who knew there was an Easy Bake Oven in there. HEE HEE I was having fun. And then I saw it……those lovely words….that glorious box with the full colored picture I had dreamed of for so many years. KitchenAID…….aaaahhhhhh.

Stan and Xan didn’t completely understand why I was showing so much affection to this particular piece of cardboard but they had heard me mention my desire for said mixer about a thousand times so they politely rolled their eyes and went away to leave me alone in my happy place for awhile.
I did have to call him back into the kitchen to assist me in getting the oh so heavy thing out of the box and then of course to take my picture. I had to have a record of this day….this special, special day.

Now-Did I mention the color…..OH MY…..it is a color that screams Megan Lyn. I choose green every time….no matter what the choice - clothes, eye shadow, vegetables, wall paint, dishes, etc…you get my point. I love green and this mixer is the cutest granny smith apple green ever.

So you might be wondering…who was it that made my day. Well let me just share the note with you.

My dear Aunt Freddi and Uncle Butch were behind this little surprise and oh how happy they made me. They are two of the most kind and generous people I know and on this day I was the object of that affection.....but rest assured that it was only one of many, many days that I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of God's grace and love through these 2 people.

Freddi & Butch- Thank you so very much and I love you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strawba ba ba ba berry.....Strawberry Shortcake

Anyone who has a little toddler girl has probably had the theme song to the Strawberry Shortcake videos stuck in your head at one time or another. Our whole family walks around singing this one....Strawba ba ba ba berry....Strawberry Shortcake. Xan loves her and those "movies". Well.....you can imagine how excited this momma got when I saw that Strawberry Shortcake was going to be at our local library one day this past week.
I didn't tell Xan about it until we were on on way and then made her guess what special person from the movies she liked to watch would be there. After she guessed God [No baby...we aren't in Sunday School...there are other correct answers :)] and then Elmo I began to hum the theme and after about 3 notes she smiled a big smile and asked tenatively but with great big eyes, "Strawberry Shortcake?". I told her she was correct and she got very excited and then the wheels started turning.

"Momma, is she going to be big or little?"
"Well, Xan, she will probably be big...is that ok?"

pause for effect.....she was thinking.

"Yes maam..I'm a big girl now too............ but how bout you hold me?"
"Ok baby-I'll hold you". [momma grins and thanks God for her baby]

So off we went into the library to see the famous sweet named character. I think I was almost as excited to see her as Xan was. I had my heart all set on something like this.

Well.....let's just say when the door opened and she walked in I was a bit disappointed. It was the regular storytime girl with a red wig and pink hat and some nice pink blush. BUT- my girl could have cared less. She thought it was great and was so excited to have Strawberry Shortcake read her a story. Xan wanted to take a picture with her and then went back up to her to shake her hand.

Moral of this story: The expression doesn't have to be elaborate or perfect for a 3 year old to feel loved.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day

Just a few pics of our family and from our day with our friends the Spencers. Stan had to work that day but we had a great dinner and the girls did sparklers and glow bracelets. Low key but relaxing and fun.