Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strawba ba ba ba berry.....Strawberry Shortcake

Anyone who has a little toddler girl has probably had the theme song to the Strawberry Shortcake videos stuck in your head at one time or another. Our whole family walks around singing this one....Strawba ba ba ba berry....Strawberry Shortcake. Xan loves her and those "movies". can imagine how excited this momma got when I saw that Strawberry Shortcake was going to be at our local library one day this past week.
I didn't tell Xan about it until we were on on way and then made her guess what special person from the movies she liked to watch would be there. After she guessed God [No baby...we aren't in Sunday School...there are other correct answers :)] and then Elmo I began to hum the theme and after about 3 notes she smiled a big smile and asked tenatively but with great big eyes, "Strawberry Shortcake?". I told her she was correct and she got very excited and then the wheels started turning.

"Momma, is she going to be big or little?"
"Well, Xan, she will probably be that ok?"

pause for effect.....she was thinking.

"Yes maam..I'm a big girl now too............ but how bout you hold me?"
"Ok baby-I'll hold you". [momma grins and thanks God for her baby]

So off we went into the library to see the famous sweet named character. I think I was almost as excited to see her as Xan was. I had my heart all set on something like this.

Well.....let's just say when the door opened and she walked in I was a bit disappointed. It was the regular storytime girl with a red wig and pink hat and some nice pink blush. BUT- my girl could have cared less. She thought it was great and was so excited to have Strawberry Shortcake read her a story. Xan wanted to take a picture with her and then went back up to her to shake her hand.

Moral of this story: The expression doesn't have to be elaborate or perfect for a 3 year old to feel loved.


Lori said...

FUNNY!!!! Oh my gosh! I would have been the exact same way. Yes, thankfully it doesn't take a lot to impress a 3 yr. old!

Freddi Wilson said...

I'm proud of you for discreetly masking your disappointment--I think I would have strangled SS right on the spot! Hooray for 3 year olds!

shirley said...

I cracked up when I saw SS
Isn't that neat that Xan was so excited. That's what I love about 3 year olds. It doesn't take much,
well ok Eva might be the exception. ha