Saturday, August 16, 2008

All Dressed Up

I've been very slack at updating the blog but I'm finally getting caught up. These are some pics of Xan all dressed up for a birthday party and being a ham for the camera. We bought this outfit for her when we were in China. It seemed so large at the time and now she fits into it. She is just growing and getting sweeter every day. I've posted lots of other pics below this post in 4 additional posts labeled "Catching Up".
I'm going to try and do better about updating on a more regular basis. I always have such good intentions and just don't get it done.


Lori said...

Love them all! Just makes us miss you even more!!!!!!!

Xan.......Reagan & Caed loved talking to you today on the phone. Reagan got so tickled at you for telling her "Happy Birthday!" We love you and miss you bunches!

Aunt Lori

danielle said...

great pictures. love the new look of the blog.

Anonymous said...


Xan is so pretty! I know that Eva sure loves her and that she and Xan have a good time together.

Shirley (Mi-Mi) Ling