Monday, August 30, 2010


My baby started school today. Wow! I have a lot of feelings about it as I'm sure most moms do when their oldest starts school for the very first time. It's the end of a very special time and there won't be a time like it ever again. It makes me a bit sad but then I'm also excited and happy for her to be moving into this part of her little life. In the States we would have waited an additional year before heading off to kindergarten but here in China they have international schools that have K1 and K2 and since she is 4 1/2 then she is in K1. We went Saturday and met her teachers and saw her classroom and even met a few of the other students that will be in her room.
The school is called Newton International Kindergarten and it offers curriculum for both the international students as well as a chinese only curriculum (for the locals). We, of course, are in the international side but that also accommodates other nationalities other than just Americans and also some Chinese that want their children to learn English. Needless to say her classroom is very global and we LOVE that. She has 15 classmates and I'm guessing that about 10 or 111 are Asian and the other 4 or 5 are American, European and Indian. She has two teachers...Miss Lilly who is the Mandarin teacher and Miss Brittney who is the English teacher (I know huh....their names couldn't be more perfect).
The one thing I was a bit anxious about before Saturday was Xan's comfort level with her teacher. She has struggled just a bit with people speaking mandarin to her and not being able to communicate with them. I know that this will pass but it was still a concern that if she perceived her teacher couldn't "really" understand her then she might be more apprehensive about going and not enjoying it. you might imagine....God took complete care of my little anxious mother's heart and gave us Miss Brittney. When we met her on Saturday she was the sweetest thing and
-She is from Charleston, South Carolina
-She helps lead music at our local church (we recognized her and she did us as well)
-She has an adopted baby sister from China.
I mean really.......could HE have given us an any more perfect fit for Xan. Not only does she understand Xan but she talks "like we do"......southern drawl and all, feels that she is doing exactly what God called her to do, and has a very personal understanding of the miracles related to adoption. WOW!
So....this morning after her requested breakfast of blueberry muffins she put on her brand new dress, I fixed her hair (complete with large bow of course) and off we went to catch a taxi so Stan and I could take her to school. We actually rode over with some friends of ours who Xan plays with all the time and was also starting at Newton today in K2. Callie, her mom Julie and her little brother Porter all rode over with us. The girls parted ways at the staircase promising to see each other on the playground and on the bus this afternoon. We got to her classroom and it went as smooth as silk. Miss Brittney helped her put her backpack in her cubby, change to her indoor shoes (a China thing) and get all settled before she ran to us, kissed us goodbye and went on her way. She didn't shed a tear or even act sad. I did pretty good too until we turned to walk away and I watched her through the window. I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears before getting back in the taxi and heading home.
Stan was off work today so we've enjoyed a lovely day of just being together. We ran some errands, tried out a new restaurant for lunch and then home to watch a movie together. I'm supposed to go meet her bus in about 15 minutes and I can't hardly wait to see her and hear all about it. God is so good isn't HE.
Well.....I know there are some grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who can't wait to see some pictures so here are a few.
Xan and Miss Brittney on Saturday at Orientation

Exploring her classroom

Checking out her new ride....

And here she is....all dressed up and ready to go!
Baba walking her to the taxi

Our little friend Callie met up with us on the sidewalk
and away we went......

Wow.....I love this little person (and that big person too) so much!

Here is a snapshot I took thru the window as we were leaving.

And there you have baby has begun her education. Like I said.....Wow!

PS- She bounded off the bus beaming and had a GREAT day. Her favorite part was coloring and she made 2 friends. Her teacher sent a note home that she was "a delight" and that her good manners were "refreshing. (you can go gag now but I am one proud momma today!)

Chat with ya later-


we are the spencers said...

this made me shed a few tears too! glad her first day went well. her dress is so cute! i love it. sweet pics of she and callie walking together holding hands. sure wish that could have been eva and xan on their first day together! i'm so thankful that xan knows a friend at her new school, what a blessing! love you guys!

Culps said...

Absolutely wonderful! Enjoy it all. Loved the pictures and the story. God is so Good!

Lori said...

There is one proud aunt as well shedding a few tears....honestly not surprised by all of this. God has proven HE has been in this from the beginning, so continuing to see more evidences is pretty cool!! She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! SO happy that she loves it so much. (tell her Caed wishes he was back in Kinder too. 1st grade is 'hard work!' ;)

Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww! So awesome that God took care of Xan and her momma who was a little bit nervous! Thanks for all the great pictures, makes me feel like you're just a little bit closer. Love yall,

Anonymous said...

So sweet and adorable! It looks like God's plan for your family is working out just as perfect as He planned it! I'm so happy for is good!