Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dining with the Locals

We hosted our second group of caddies from Stan's club this past Sunday evening for dinner in our home. Our goal is to have all 150 caddies at least once this year and this time we had a grand gathering of 21. My menu was very southern with bbq chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs with cobbler for dessert. The caddies are all young women here in China but Stan had told me that they could eat like grown men so I was prepared for some mighty appetites. Stan's secretary always accompanies the team and acts as a wonderful translator and not surprising, with that many women there is never a lull in conversation or in the giggling. The food is always a guess because most of these girls have never eaten "western" style food but they request it and we aim to please so... It is fun to watch them try new things and they always want to know how to prepare whatever I've served. I'm flattered but then again....they don't have anything to compare it to. They were very leery of the deviled eggs at first but once I demonstrated how to actually eat it they were a big hit. They also devoured the green beans, which of course were cooked all afternoon with some bacon and onion. They couldn't imagine cooking something for 2 hours. That is such a foreign concept to those who have always only known stir fry or boiling. The mashed potatoes and chicken were also a hit but the cobblers were certainly not treated as they would have been in the US. You can see for yourself in the before and after pictures below.
Here are a few pictures from that evening.

The girl in the middle was singing for us and as you can see her friend is quite tickled by her rendition. These girls were a really fun group and we laughed all night.

The group photos

Apple cobblers..... before
Peach cobbler...... before

Yeah....I'm pretty sure that no where in America would 21 people come for dinner and leave any cobbler remaining. I can attest that it sure tasted good but the Chinese just aren't big on sweets. We've been enjoying the leftovers for a couple of days now so I guess there are worse things than your guests not liking dessert.

And here is a picture because I wanted to show you how we entertain here in China. I absolutely INSIST on only the best.

The funny part is that these "napkins" were super thin and left me wishing for some Bounty. :0

Chat with ya later~


we are the spencers said...

i would have shown those girls how to put away some cobbler! my favorite pictures are the ones with stan's cute little head in with all those sweet girls. i just love it! you guys are the best hosts, i'm sure those girls LOVE you guys. i know we do, and we miss you too!

shirley said...

what a fun time and wonderful memories! Boy Stan has to be around a lot of women and then comes home to two. Lucky guy! Ok I saw the note on f.b. about Zan wanting a tu-tu like her twin. You tell her mi-mi is going to get her one. What address do I send it to? What a fun time that you guys are having!

love, mi-mi