Monday, September 13, 2010

China Safety

The Chinese have a ways to go before I'll be impressed with their safety features and protocols.......and this is one reason why.

This is an "e-bike" (almost identical to the one we have) and as you can see the owner got creative and did a little add on for his/her little one. We have seen this more than once and many times we've seen a Dad driving, Mom riding behind him and her holding a tiny little baby between them......tiny!

Like I said...they are a long way from the 5 point Britax car seat I insisted on just a short 4 years ago. But lest I sound too harsh on just the locals, we expats are almost as bad. We run all over town on our own e-bikes and merge and honk right along with the rest of them. When in Rome.....

Chat with ya later.

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