Friday, September 24, 2010

Maybe we'll win-

Our adoption agency, America World, publishes a calendar each year full of photos that families are asked to submit of their adoptive families. I submitted a few the first year we had Xan but since then the deadline always snuck up on me and I never did get any sent in. Well this year was different...I actually got them submitted on time (hey.....the very last day counts). I'm pretty sure I've posted most of them before but thought I'd share them again.

The prize if you "win" is to have your picture actually appear in the calendar along with receiving a few free calendars. As you can imagine, they receive many more photos than what they can publish but hey......I think she's pretty stinking cute so maybe, just maybe we'll win.

Chat with ya later-


Aundrea said...

She is so stunningly (is that a word?) beautiful!! I can't imagine them not using at least one of these!!!

we are the spencers said...

if i were the publisher i would just do an entire xan calendar! love that first one but my very fav is the one of her sleeping. just an awesome pic!!

Anonymous said...

Grampa's favorite is "Mom and Daughter". Doesn't get much better than that!