Saturday, October 27, 2007

SCC Concert

We had the most wonderful time volunteering at the Shaohannah's Hope table at the Stephen Curtis Chapman concert here in Aiken last week. It is an incredible ministry (started by the Chapmans) that helps families that are called to adoption with financial support. They give grants that average about $3000 to many families all over the US that are adopting both internationally as well as domestically. We were also very fortunate to get to meet and talk with Mary Beth Chapman (Steven's wife) when she came out to the table during the concert. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to express my appreciation to her for their work in the adoption community but also for her personally sharing her testimony about their adoption story. Her comments had a major effect on me when we were in the decision/waiting period. They used the same adoption agency we did (America World) so many of the marketing materials they use contain videos or statements from the Chapmans. Anyway, Shaohannah (aka Shaoey-their 8 yo dtr from China) was with Mary Beth and even though Xan didn't have a clue who she was.....we had her autograph our Shaoey and Dot books (story books the Chapmans wrote about an adopted girl and her ladybug friend). We took a picture with her but some toddler, who shall remain nameless, deleted that picture from the camera. We were just sick but what are you gonna do. Anyway, it was an incredible night, we collected over $3500 in change/cash and witnessed them surprising a local family who had applied for a Shaohannah's Hope grant with a check for that amount. God was moving all over the place and we got to be a small part of His divine plan to call and equip families for adoption.

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