Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Good Visit with Friends

Our friends Mike and Sandy McKee came to visit this past weekend with their daughters, Skylar who is 4 and Isabel who is 7 weeks. We had a great time and enjoyed watching the girls play together. Skylar is also from China, as you will see, so to see 2 china girls together was very sweet. Isabel was a doll too......we just didn't get any pics of her running around. In fact, I didn't get any pics of her at all. I'm very disappointed that I did that.....maybe they'll email me some and I'll post those too. We didn't do much..a pretty low key weekend of just relaxing and catching up. We couldn't believe that it had been almost 2 years since we had seen them. A neat little tidbit of info.....we actually met Skylar for the first time on Jan 26, 2006.....we had no idea that on that same exact day our daughter had been born in China. Kind of a sweet connection. Mike and Stan have been friends since 2nd grade in Amarillo, Texas and have lots and lots of stories. We laughed a lot and just had a good time. They live in Daytona, Florida so we promised to visit them next time and get in some time at the beach.

Xan is preparing to take a jump off the railing we sat her on for the pic.

They chased each other all weekend.....they slept really well too!

Skylar was jumping off the steps and we were all cheering her on.

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