Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation Bible School

We just finished a great week at Vacation Bible School. We had about 50 kids each day and one little girl accepted Christ on Thursday. It was a highlight for me. Xan and Eva got lots of one on one attention from our several of our youth girls who agreed to watch the nursery. They loved being with Mary, Allison, Julia,Laurel, and Leatha Marie---thank you girls. Xan and Eva aren't old enough for actual VBS yet so they got to run around and play and sing (and eat)......they had such a good time each day and were so tired in the afternoon/evening. Our friend Allison took lots of pics and this wonderful video of the girls. The mascot for the week was a porcupine named Buddy and Xan loved seeing you can see they wern't afraid at all. Thank you Allison for the video!

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that was the cutiest thing