Monday, October 20, 2008

Bandaid Drama

We went to the cabinet to get a bandaid for her finger, which really was injured.....bleeding and all, however in the process we (ok...I) hit her head with the cabinet door. It was very mild and barely brazed her forehead but the finger was forgotten and the bandaid used elsewhere. She insisted on "do it myself".

Please note....I did not ask for this horrible "frown" below.....she came up with that all by herself. I think she was still angry with Mom for trying to take her out with a door.

Momma, "PLEASE XAN.....can Momma please have a smile?" She humored me.....sorta.


danielle said...

LOVE the frown pic. she's adorable.

Lori said...

Do we need to call CPS???

Marilyn said...

Did you ever think these sweet little girls could make such pitiful faces (at their mommy's?!)