Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have been asking myself this question lately... WHY? Why do I like reading about other peoples lives so much on their blogs. I keep up with my most fav's thru an application called bloglines that list them all in one place and tell me when there are new posts. Yeah...pretty cool huh....well I have 40 blogs on that list. COME I really need to keep up with that many people (most of whom I don't personally know and probably never will). Why am I so interested. I most recently discovered Pioneer Woman and have probably spent no less than 15 hours reading all over that blog. I won't go into detail can get addicted for yourself....but she is a real woman living on a ranch in Oklahoma, homeschooling her 4 kids, cooking and photographing her way thru an isolated way of life and she is hilarious to boot. I have enjoyed it immensely but it has got me to thinking...WHY? Why do I care what these other people do from day to day and more importantly WHY am I not out there making my own life instead of wasting hours reading about others? I don't know the answer and to be honest....not sure I care enough to change my horrible habit. AS long as my DH and DD are fed, have clean underwear and we can at least walk thru the house without tripping over anything then I'll probably keep it up. The one good thing (well I guess it depends on how you look at it) it has encouraged me to try to be a little more frequent with my own posts and not worry so much about each one being some model of literary or pictoral perfection (as if---haha).
I'm not even going to proof read this so if you find a typo then just chalk it up to my new found "blogger" freedom of just doing it. Later-


Lori said...

ha!! Love it!!!!!!! And believe me, you would think I would have enough to do (considering)....and yet I too am admitting my addiction to Blog World. Sometimes it may just be out of curiosity, and other times I have developed a deep connection to these families. Most of which are going through similar circumstances as myself. For me, I guess it just helps to sometimes feel like others "out there" understand a little more what you're going through. I know you have found this too with many of your "China adoption" blogs.

It's all good....until we run out of clean underwear!

Jenny said...

Amen, sister! How are you?