Saturday, April 18, 2009


Please be advised that we are on the look out for a missing head. The subject has a dark complexion....actually it's more of a milky complexion with longer than normal ears and some small beady eyes. The missing head was last seen in the Everitt family cabinet and had been there since Sunday. If you have any information about this missing head please notify us immediately. We have a little Everitt who is quite disturbed by this recent disappearance.

Ok....I'm sorry people but the little beady eyed thing has been sitting up there in my cabinet right next to my coffee mugs (which I open multiple times per day) since Sunday. Sunday people.....come on I held out for 5 whole days and I promise you it ALWAYS called my name even louder during Xan's nap time. Chocolate bunnies are known to not show any mercy in the "luring you in" category. So.....keep this between us ok.....I don't want my kid to think her mom's really into mutilating furry little cuties.

And....lest you think I'm totally horrible and have no self is a look at my latest reading material. I'm trying to get a plan together to make a change. More to come on that subject....I will be needing some accountability soon and will be couting on my bloggin friends to keep my real. (I have a sinking feeling that chocolate bunnies aren't anywhere in there either).


danielle said...

you have silenced the bunny. immobilize it and take out the legs!

Lori said...