Monday, May 31, 2010

Goodbye #3...The Final Farewell

I saved this farewell for last because quite honestly it was the most difficult. Please indulge me and let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time in a small southern town there was a little girl with dark black hair and almond shaped eyes who had just taken her first steps about a month before our story begins. There was a dinner party one evening and her little world got just a bit brighter. You see God saw fit to bring a little blond headed girl with big sweet brown eyes to that same small southern town and the love affair began at just 15 months old. The two quickly became best buds and went from playing alongside each other to being inseparable. The contrast of the two of them in pictures is just about perfect. The milestones that these two little ones experienced together can quickly take you through the life of most 2, 3 and 4 year olds but something about them experiencing them all together made them that much sweeter.

Toddling, walking slowly and finally running......only to fall and get skinned knees, flip flops, pigtails, water sprinklers and big swimmie diaper hineys.

Hand mime dances, immunizations, making it thru Sunday School and Church in the nursery because the other one was there, temper tantrums, first baby doll strollers, and birthday parties with balloons.

Moving to big girl beds ( least one of them actually moved to hers), ice cream cones, Chick-fil-a kids' meals, big girl panties, transitioning from Vacation Bible School "mascots" to actually attending....but only because the other one was there too, being silly, being serious, yucky sicknesses and countless boo boos.

Hurt feelings and kisses to quickly make up, crying when had to leave each other, squeeling with great gusto to see each other only 2 hours later, adopting each other's grandparents as their own, playdoh, puzzles, tricycles and then onto bicycles.

Big kid Sunday School and big church, footie pajamas, silly faces, and halloween april, sparklers, imaginary friends, becoming big sisters-- in their homes and in their hearts, bathtimes together and blowing bubbles. Board books to big word books and fun trips to the library.

Most of these things that these two experienced wouldn't be considered extraordinary or unusual for the normal American toddler but that is where this story is a bit different. You see these two have something very special. God chose to knit their two little hearts together as the first "bess friends" they ever had and it was a beautiful thing for those of us that were around to watch. These two had oh so similar yet different enough personalities that allowed them to play for hours and hours on end without so much as a cross word and when they did then the apologies were quick to come so that their friend wouldn't be sad anymore.

Now there is another part of this story that makes it sweet. You see the black haired little girl had a mommy and the blond haired little girl had a mommy and they became the best of friends during this story too. They walked through some pretty major milestones of laughter and rejoicing, grieving and crying, playing and praying, eating and cooking.....all while watching and praying for those two little ones as they grew. Isn't that just like God to give a mommy an extra special friend that makes play dates fun for her too. Their daddys also enjoyed being together so their families were often found eating or playing all together....they intermingled quite nicely.

Well, the story hit a bit of a bump in the road when one of those little girls had to move away from that small southern town with her mommy and daddy. They had to say goodbye and it was sad. The little girls, that blonde one and the other one with almond shaped eyes....well they haven't hugged each other in over a month now......their mommies haven't had a cup of coffee or discussed any pioneer woman recipes together either. It is sad.....but as the girls in our story know, it's ok to be sad but it's not ok to throw a fit or act tacky so ......we will move on before anyone gets into trouble.

These two little girls still get to talk to each other a bit but now they use the computer and it's just not the same. It's bedtime for one when it's breakfast for the other and bathtime isn't as fun when your friend doesn't giggle at the bubbles you blow on her nose. So for now, we will bring our story to a close, or maybe we should just pause it, as we are certain that God isn't finished writing this sweet love story that He chose so graciously to begin in the hearts of two little girls who couldn't look more different or love each other any more.

We miss you Eva!

This story was fondly recalled by the mommy of the little girl with dark hair and almond eyes and lovingly dedicated to the mommy of the sweet little blonde with big brown eyes.


Culps said...

I think that was one of the sweetest blog posts I have ever read. I know these friends will continue to be friends, it may just be different. How special! Hannah Ruth still has not found such a special friend. Xan has been blessed. There is a part of me that wonders if this was part of Xan's preparation. Just like babies who attach once have an easier time attaching again, maybe this friendship will make finding and making new friends easier for Xan. I hope you all find great friends in China!

Wayne Bell said...

God is so very good. Thanks for sharing. This true story has blessed my heart and made my day brighter.

Anonymous said...

Megan, this post and the pictures just make my heart ache! But like I told Danielle I haven't lived in the same town with my best friend for over 34 years and we are still best of friends. Maybe Eva and Xan will get to got to college together! : )
Love the blog!
(Danielle's aunt Ne-Ne)

Lori said...

I am crying like a baby here!!!! ;) Oh, that was TOO SWEET! And you're right, the story isn't over yet....

Anonymous said...

Now this one made me cry!
May God bless you with new friends. Not to take the place of old ones, just more friend in your new home!
Praying for you guys,

Tina Coleman
an Edna friend of Lori and Todd's

Anonymous said...

This made the little blonde girl's daddy tear up a good bit...

Shirley said...

oh my, Nothing like sitting at work and tears going down my cheeks. When I came to visit, I just felt this urgency to bring Xan a gift too. I am so glad that I did. I knew that it made Eva happy also. Ok Megan, you need to write a book!

God's blessing upon your beautiful little family!

love, mi-mi