Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saying GoodBye-#1

I have needed to give myself a couple of weeks to get used to the idea that we really have said goodbye to some wonderful friends in Aiken and Augusta and that although we will forever remain connected, our daily lives will no longer intersect in the oh-so-sweet way each day and week that I loved and enjoyed. We moved to Aiken in 2003 and for 7 years these folks acted as our surrogate family and loved us so very well. I'm going to take a couple of days to recap some of the sweet things that were done for us as we were preparing to leave and head over to China.

Digestive Specialists
I worked for a total of almost 5 years for a great group of physicians in Augusta and had the pleasure of working alongside some great women. I enjoyed my time(s) there deeply and the Lord certainly blessed me and my family through their opportunities for me. I consider it both an honor and a pleasure to have known these men and women and am confident that my heart will always have a soft spot for Digestive Specialists.

I was VERY BLESSED when these folks planned and hosted an incredible going away luncheon for me complete with Chinese decorations, some of my favorite food, a poem written and recited just for me and one of the most incredible strawberry cakes ever. It was an emotional afternoon for me as it was the first of my goodbyes and I was very attached to these people. I shed a few tears for sure, it was more than just a job you see......I enjoyed a very rare mutual respect with the physicians--I knew their wives and children, the ladies in the office had shared their lives with me and I had prayed for and about them and their families for 5 years. I had been abundantly blessed by their relationships ....Saying goodbye was tough!

I have said many, many times how generous these guys were to me and they showed it again that day. I received an incredible Canon SLR digital camera and lenses from the physicians and the girls gave me a great carrying case for it plus some neat keepsake items to take with me (they even had a very special cookie for Xan). I was so excited to receive such an incredible gift and am going to put it to very good use here in China. I have free time and a great out!!

I have many pictures of that afternoon so I'm posting a few here and then a link to the rest of them. Thank you will be missed!

If you want to see more pics from that day here's a link

Chat with ya later.....


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post! We alllllllll miss you guys! Yes we are your surrogate family and you will always have a place in our hearts! XXXXOOOO Louise

Anonymous said...

Thanks Louise......did the other girls in the office see the post? Just want to make sure they saw the pictures. :)