Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh the things a good friend will do for you......

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when my doorbell rang and a Chinese man began speaking very rapidly and looking to me for a response. I smiled a sweet smile and in my best southern accent told him that I didn't understand a thing he just said but I'd be happy to give him a glass of sweet tea and we could wait for someone to translate (I'm kidding) He actually returned my blank stare and then he held up this.

Oh goodie.....I thought....what on earth is this and then I noticed the return address and a grin covered my entire face. Not only did my friend love on me a bit but she packaged it up and sent it all the way to China.

It was so stinkin fun to unwrap each little thing and I oohhd and awwwd over each one like it was a little piece of heaven. I'll share my moment with all of you and you can also take time to enjoy the love sent to my by my friend.

First....there were these. She had taken pictures of Xan and her bestie Eva before we left South Carolina and here was a bulging envelope with all these beautiful prints. I admit it....I cried.

Next I uncovered this little gem. Now I understand that not everyone would get as giddy as I did when I realized what piece of literary genius was in my hands but hey......a good southern girl needs her Southern Living fix and this one had peach cobbler on the cover. I promise you I will seriously read every single inch of this here publication. Oh the love I was feeling :).

I could actually smell this one when I opened the box. My friend introduced me to this sweet smelling candle a couple of years ago and we have shared a love for it ever since. Oh my house smelled good this morning!! (it's cranberry pomegranate......get it at walmart for $ ever!!)

Then, because she is such a good friend that she loves on my husband as well, these were also included. Stan was one very happy man I tell you......very happy indeed. (Xan too...he gave her 3).

There was one tragedy that occurred during the love package's journey over to me here in the Middle Kingdom and it made me quite sad. Apparently 3 rolls of bubble wrap and peanut packaging aren't enough for the trip 1/2 way around the world. The coffee however, made it just fine and I will be enjoying it for several days to come.

Thank you Heather! You made me feel incredibly special and loved.......I hope we can enjoy some coffee together sometime soon. Just call me when you are on your way and I'll make a fresh pot. Love you friend!

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