Monday, January 24, 2011

Memory Lane

In honor of my baby girl's birthday coming up in 2 short days I decided to do a little walk down memory lane.  I was able to find a few pictures from her previous big days and have to admit.....a couple of them made me tear up just a bit.  I really can't believe that she is almost 5 years old.  Everyone tells you, "It flies by and then all of a sudden your baby is graduating."  Well we aren't buying any cap and gown just yet but I have to agree that it has flown.  Thanks for indulging a proud Momma.  

Number 1

Her very first birthday party.....just the three of us in South Carolina.

Her second "1 year party"  chocolate chip muffins with Reid and Anna Grace-----sweet memories!

Number 2
I know we had a small little birthday party at our house but for some reason there are no pictures from that day.  So.......just imagine her wearing a cutesy pink hat and eating a pink cake.   PS....I loved her bob!   
We went to the circus for her 2nd birthday and this was a favorite pic of mine from that day.  She was so excited to see the elephants and this is when they came out.  
Number 3
Her 3 year birthday party while we were visiting family in Texas....thanks to Baba,  cousins and Nana b/c Mom had stomach flu.  Only those already "exposed" to the yuck I had attended this little soiree.  
Her pink cupcakes and full princess get-up.

Her "second" 3 year birthday party at my sister's house. We had it again with my Dad and Judy and all her cousins on that side (can't imagine why they didn't want to come to stomach flu central) and Xan certainly didn't mind having 2 parties.    
Number 4

Her 4th birthday was the year of THE CAKE.  We didn't have a party but this is the cake that her  Baba got for her.  She is definitely his princess......always has been! 

No party, per se, but of course Eva came over to help eat the large castle.

The princess theme continued this year as well......she asked for gloves and new crowns and shoes.  
More birthday posts to come.........

Chat with ya later.

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