Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drum Roll Please

We started the adoption process for our 2nd daughter back in 2008 and after lots and lots of forms completed, authorizations received and years spent waiting we were "matched" (adoption lingo for the birth country identifying a specific child we could adopt)  to our precious girl.  There are still some formalities to complete and government appointments to attend and of course several more forms to complete but we hope to have it all wrapped up by April or May and then bring this sweet girl home to meet the rest of her family this summer.  Living here has definitely afforded us some opportunities for blessings that we never, ever would have anticipated.  One huge one is when we were asked to care for a little girl with some health issues that was living in the local orphanage to help prepare her for some surgery.  Well...that little girl was our daughter and God gave her to us in the most unpredictable but amazing way but that's a whole other story so without further ado......please meet our precious MAGGIE MEI.

She has one very happy big sister who not only shares the same middle name with her but also her birthday.  God saw fit to give us two girls who came into this world on January 26.  As you can imagine, we had a little bit of celebrating to do last week.  

So glad to finally share her with you and get back to updating you all on our lives.  It just didn't feel right sharing blog posts without including such a major part of what is going on. Now you are all in on it.  We are blessed for sure!  

Chat with ya later!


Shirley said...

If I could just reach in and kiss those precious little cheeks.I am so happy for you guys! Isn't it amazing how God planned that. Aren't we always amazed. They both are just beautiful! Congratulations to all of you


we are the spencers said...

Yipeeeee!!!! She looks JUST like Stan. He has those pinch-able cheeks and roly-thighs too!