Friday, March 23, 2012

No Frills Friday

I was recently part of a discussion pertaining to journaling and in our small group of 6 the extremes and everywhere in between were represented.  Some had journaled daily for 15+ years, others had tried but never quite got into a regular habit, etc.  One of my friends shared a suggestion she had recently implemented.  The instructions were to just write one sentence at the end of each day and give yourself permission to stop.  I liked the idea and found it interesting however I have also been looking for ways to be a better communicator with family and friends back home via this blog.  So.....I'm going to try to combine the ideas while also sharing a little piece of our daily lives here in China.  My plan is to use Fridays (or maybe Saturdays) to recap our week in just a sentence or two from each day without regard to sentence structure or trying to be too cute/funny/witty/retrospective/educational/etc.  I'll add as many links as I can for those that would like to see/read more.   To some these will be the least interesting posts ever but to others that have asked about our day in and day out lives I hope it gives you a glimpse. goes starting with last Saturday.

Sat 3/17.....St Patty's Day - I teach Chinese children english once a week and today I added 2 new of four 5&6 year olds learning the basics and an individual lesson that is a 4th grader working on her conversation.

Sun 3/ church and then a friend's child's birthday party at a local restaurant that is the hot spot for expats with kids.  It was an all day affair and we didn't get home till almost 4.

Mon 3/19.....Bible study in the morning (Beth Moore with 3 other ladies at my house), grocery shopping at Walmart and lunch w/ a friend and grabbing a shirt for Xan in the same mall ( is in a mall). Home to prep snacks for Xan's Girl Scout meeting......a friend recently started a troop for her age this was only their second meeting but she is loving it.

Tues 3/20....Took the girls to have their pictures made with a local photographer and then a nice coffee and lunch with a friend (we brainstormed about blogs I call that a working lunch).

Wed 3/21....Doctors appt in Shanghai.  It was our first health issue here in China and it went great.  I had a derm issue and all is well now.  Turned into a really nice date day with Stan since he and I got to go alone and even had fajitas for dinner at a great mexican place we discovered.

Thurs 3/22.....baking day for Made by Megan (my micro baking business).  12 pans of cinnamon rolls and 2 batches of granola

Fri 3/23....(Happy Birthday to my BFF Marilyn) Went to Xan's school to share a little bit about America during their Festival of Cultures.  Taught a 30 min lesson on Abe Lincoln and then made cookie/choc frosting log cabins with the kids.  Loved being there with her.  Afternoon of delivering all the cinnamon rolls then attended meeting of homeschoolers wanting to form a coop.  We are considering this for next year so I was on an information gathering mission.  Taught another private English lesson this evening and now going to read some of this information I got today about homeschool......and that was the week.  Happy Friday!

Chat with ya later-

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we are the spencers said...

I love reading about your week. You keep so busy. I am impressed. Glad you are still loving life on the other side of the world!