Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adoption Trip

WARNING:  Excessive Photos in this Post

I wanted to share the photos that we took while we were in Nanjing finalizing the adoption.  I knew if I took the time to go through them and pick out only a few I'd miss a moment that was special so.....please enjoy a snapshot or two (or 46) of our special time growing our family.

Funny note about this first one.....we were waiting to board our train to Nanjing and asked a local girl to take our picture.  Ironically....she cut Maggie Mei out of the picture.  She apparently had no idea the significance of that cute little baby girl we were toting around.  haha

Being spoiled by Dong Mei.

These two have a severe adoration for each other.

So do these two. :-)

Maggie Mei LOVES bananas!

The hotel had a large fish pond and MM loved hanging out there.

Xan took many pictures this trip and this was one of them.

She also took this one and it's a little blurry but I love that it's me and my dear friend together....I don't know that I have another picture of just the two of us.

In true "hotel" fashion...I was charged almost $6 for this tiny glass of milk.  I then had to warm it in a sink full of hot water for the babies night-night bottle.  

Best Baba in the world!

We were trying to teach her to use a straw but she much preferred using her hands

Stan was making things happen.

I, on the other hand, was not.

This was Dong Mei doing her Chinese numbers for Maggie.

One of many self portraits I found on the camera.

I also found a whole lot of her cute little sister.

This was the guide that was helping us from our adoption agency. She met us in Nanjing and walked us through all the govt appointments and paperwork.

Jiangsu Registraion Service Center- aka Civil Affairs Office
(where it all went down)

We watched this gotcha moment and it was beautiful.  This little one is from the same orphanage as MM and his family is from Spain.  They were so overjoyed and he was a sweet little angel.

Here he is again....making things happen.  I can't begin to tell you what a rock he has been for me during this process that was trying at best.  I respect him so very much and still can't believe I am his and he is mine.  

We tried a couple of times to get one with the representative from the o and everyone looking in the same direction....she is so sweet and we were thrilled to have a photo with someone tied to MM's story. least you can see the baby's face.  

We went sightseeing near our hotel that evening and this sight just made me smile.  The colors were so vibrant and the guy on the right was snoozing away while the guy on the right was getting a kick out of the foreign white chick taking their picture in the rain. 

This is another one that Xan took and I love it!  The colors are just awesome.  Good job Xan!!

Playing in the hotel play area after breakfast on Day 2.

Seriously.....could that little bubble bum be any cuter.  

She is walking great but still works a few seconds to get balanced.

It was official and done.  Emotions overtook me in the office as tear streamed down my cheeks but I pulled it together for some photos right after it was signed, sealed and delivered.

I love this one too.....and all that it represents.  Maybe I should give the camera to Xan all the time.  

It's certainly not Maggie Mei's cutest picture but she LOVES getting her ears cleaned and this is the face she makes.  She gets limp and so relaxed.  (and check out those arm rolls)  

self portrait #247

A bit more sightseeing before we head back home.  She adores her Baba and he's 
pretty smitten with her too.  

We stepped off the elevator at our apartment to find this lovely surprise.  I'm amazed at the tangible ways our friends have loved on us here.  This was a great ending to an amazing trip.  

"Welcome Home Everitt family of Four" 

They even got both was so fun.

Yes indeed....this is the forever home of Miss Maggie Mei Everitt.

Chat with ya later-

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Woohoo, it's final! Your girls are so beautiful! Xan is a good little photographer! Give the girls hugs for me.