Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Frills Friday (well actually it's Sunday)

Here is another installment of the No Frills / Just the Facts wrap up of our week here.

Sat 3/24 - Taught English lesson in the morning and then decided to spend some time outside b/c it was so pretty.  We've been really ready for some spring time weather and it finally has arrived.

Sun 3/25 - Happy Birthday to NANA!  (Stan's Mom)  After church we had lunch with friends at an outdoor cafe and it was so warm and sunny.  I had dressed the girls in matching winter dresses we had just received and they were a bit on the warm side (although incredibly cute) but we all had a great time getting out and being with friends.  Sunday nights are usually pretty casual around here (ie--popcorn for dinner if you're lucky).

Monday 3/26 - Bible Study was cancelled b/c of many sick kiddos (thankfully not mine this time) and  spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning out my closet.  My wardrobe is waaaayyyyy slimmed down now but it felt good to get rid of all those things that I "kind of" still liked or that I've had for 3 years waiting to be altered, etc.  Stan finished reading a book that had been recommended to us and he said it was really, really good.  I plan to read it soon as soon as I get through the 47 books that I'm using for homeschool research.

Tuesday 3/27 - My dear, dear friend Danielle had her 3rd baby (it was actually 3/26 in the US for I have it on my calendar for today)  Claire Nicole....I can not wait to hold you!  Just a day of grocery shopping here....nothing too exciting and after school took Xan to have the picture printed that she wanted to put in her locket.  She insisted that it be her cousin Caed.  He's having his 7th surgery in 4 years this coming Friday so your prayers are certainly appreciated.  He is a very special little boy that belongs to an amazingly strong family .(Stan's sister is his momma).    God has an incredible plan for him and to watch it unfold is very difficult at times but we also get to see the huge blessings up close and personal too!

Wed 3/28 - Happy Birthday to my friend Julie.  I have a wonderful group of friends that live here in the same compound we do and both Julie and our friend Kim had birthdays this month.  I had them for lunch and served these totally girly sandwiches with at warm tomato salad and these wonderful (actually healthy) chocolate waffles for dessert.  I highly recommend both of these recipes......they turned out delish!

Thurs 3/29 - Baking day.....only 6 pans this week and some granola. The international schools are on Spring Break so a large portion of  my "target audience" is gone on vacation.  I also went to discuss doing an English story hour at a local Chinese Children's Bookstore.  I'm still not certain how they got my name but I received a random text asking me to meet with them about doing this and it went well.  They sell a small selection of English books so it was nice to find them and make the connection.  I'll let you know if it actually develops into anything.

Fri 3/30 - Delivery day and then playdate and lunch at my friend's house.  Xan had a field trip this morning to a local museum and she enjoyed that.  Her favorite part was seeing the elephant tusks that had been carved.  The girls and I were all kind of fighting a minor cold so our entire family was in the bed by 8:30.  Stan had started Hank Haney's new book so he took advantage of the quiet and got some good reading time in.

Well.....that's it for another exciting week.

Chat with ya later~

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