Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our 1st Blog

Glad you stopped by to checkout our new blog. I am hoping that this will be easier to update that our previous website and therefore I can do updates more regularly. We have friends that recently moved here and she was sharing their blog with me and all their old friends from seminary have them and they keep up with each other that way. The posting looked really simple so I thought I'd give it a try. We'll see how it goes... I have good intentions.

So.....on to the "blogging". I'm not going to try and give all the history here b/c it's all on our website at'm just going to jump into our lives today.

Stan had this Friday and Saturday off (woohoo!!!) to get ready for his last trip to the PGA headquarters in Florida. He leaves a week from today (Sun 8/26) and will get back home on Wed (8/29). We have had a good time all being together. We had a "Family Fun Day" at church yesterday and Xan enjoyed her first sno cone......she was loving it.

They had a little slip & slide set up and she enjoyed that too. I was glad that we could be there as a family of three.....Stan has to work so often on Sundays that it was nice to be at church all together.

Xan went to the pediatrician this week for her 18month checkup and she is great. She weighs 22.6 lbs and is 33 inches long. That is the 75th percentile on her length and 25th for her weight....for those of you that get that whole percentile thing. :) She is still on track developmentally and is completely caught up on all her immunizations...YEAH. Mom didn't like the whole "shots" thing at all!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday....enjoy.


danielle said...

looks awesome! can't wait to see more!

Butch Wilson said...

I can't believe she is already eating snocones and I haven't gotten to meet her yet. Looking forward to it!!!