Sunday, September 16, 2007

We've had a very busy couple of weeks but things are getting back to normal now. First of all....the very important stuff.


He was in Florida for 4 days and completed the last step of the process and is all finished. I am extremely proud of him and respect all that he did to reach this goal. He is already a wonderful golf pro but now he is "credentialed" with the PGA. It's exciting to watch and see what God has in store for him/our family next. It doesn't really change his job now and his day to day responsibilities are the same......but it will open doors and things for him later should he decide to see what else is out there. He would love to be involved in all that is going on with golf in China so maybe God has something really great for him/us.

Next, the sad news. My grandmother, aka Nanny, passed away on August 28 and we all went home for the funeral which was on Friday, Aug 31. She was such a wonderful, loving person and to know that we will never see her again, this side of heaven, is a bit sad. It was a very sweet service and she would have been so proud of all her family and friends sitting there.....more than would even fit in the church. We also had a family reunion, which had been planned many months ago, for her extended family (the Fluitt's) and got to see and visit with lots of family we hadn't seen in years. Of course it was really fun to introduce them to Xan. We stayed with Ann & Ray in Idalou and kept the road hot between there and Post. It is always tiring to go home b/c we go and go and go but it is so worth it to get to see everyone, even if only for a little while.

Here are some pics from our visit at home. My camera's battery died so I'm sad that I didn't get hardly any shots......sorry.

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