Sunday, September 16, 2007


We had my Grandma and Aunt Freddi come for a visit this past week and we had such a good time. They actually flew into Columbia on the same day that we returned from Texas so it worked out well.....we all just came to Aiken together. We didn't really do a whole lot while they were here--mostly just visiting here at the house. They were here a couple of years ago and we did all the "Aiken" things so this time we just relaxed. My aunt had never met Xan so that was very special to see them together. Grandma and Freddi cooked several times (oh so good!!) and Freddi made me a peach cobbler, well 2 actually but who's counting, while she was here and it brought back such wonderful memories of my time in her home. It was really good to have them here....thanks for coming!
Here are a few pics...enjoy.

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