Saturday, February 23, 2008

Greatest Show on Earth

We were very fortunate to be given some tickets to the Ringling Brothers Circus last week (thank you Tom!). These weren't just any tickets.....they were VIP front row on the floor tickets. I mean we were 20 feet from the ring. Xan and I went with Heather and her 3 children and it was a wonderful evening. I had a great time watching my sweet daughter's reactions of sheer wonderment. I was a little nervous about a possible meltdown (being that close to large animals and the show didn't start until 7:30 pm) but NOPE.....our girl made it all night long with a smile to boot! are a few pics for you.

Before the the Ring.

We had talked about seeing the elephants all week.....this was the moment they came out. They were by far her favorite part of the show and she kept asking me for more when they were finished. This was a magical moment for me....just seeing her in awe. God is good!

You can see the girl behind us with the hat on....well Xan talked about that hat the whole show so during intermission I caved in and got her one. They actually came with the cotton candy so I got a treat as well. She LOVED that hat and promptly pulled her bow out and wore it the rest of the night. If I tried to take it off--she put it right back on. Again, so sweet. (Emma is sitting next to Xan, she is Tom & Heather's youngest).

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