Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter....past and present

This time last year our family was in the middle of a crisis that we could have never imagined and certainly not desired but even now when it is all still so fresh and far from officially over we can so clearly see the hand of God throughout every part of it. On Easter Sunday 2008, our nephew Caed was about 20 days into a life threatening condition that had him hospitalized for 70+ days, 3 surgeries and their family being away from home for 9+months. He is doing amazingly well today (although still a sick little boy with a condition that will follow him the rest of his life). If you want to be blessed be sure to check our my sister-in-law's blog The Lord has blessed her abundantly with a gift to share her heart and what HE is doing and has done throughout the ordeal. It is well worth the read but I warn you....kleenex alert.

Anyway....couldn't help but think about where we were and how God has blessed and protected our family this past year. WOW...truly amazing. So here a just a few pics to represent God's goodness to us on this wonderful holiday when we get to praise and worship HIM for the ultimate gift that HE gave us.--Redemption and Reconciliation because HE CHOSE TO DIE for us and hallelujah.....HE IS RISEN.

Caed---Easter Sunday 2008

Caed ---Week before Easter 2009 (check out their blog for a great Easter story 2009)

So while we going down memory lane.....look how my baby has grown.

Xan---Easter Sunday 2007 (she also took her first steps this day. There are pics and videos on our old website.

Xan----Easter Sunday 2008

Xan --Easter Sunday 2009

Stan and Xan 2009


Jenny said...

Oh how she has grown! What a difference a year makes. Xan is so beautiful. I hope you had a very happy Easter. We'll be praying for Caed...

Lori said...

I'm just now getting to check in on "all my blogs" YOU so much for this. It's hard going back to one year ago, but it also it such a testimony to God's faithfulness!!!

I love you!