Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 years

Today is our anniversary. We were married on May 11, 1997-- 12 years ago. It all started with a blind date and he pretty much had me at hello. He romanced me unlike I had ever been romanced and he also showed me the love of Christ in a relationship setting like I had never experienced. It was a special time of getting to know each other and I have very fond memories--I recall one particular date not very long into our year long relationship that he took me to the park and asked me to do one of the most intimate things we could do together….He took my hands and begin to pray. Ladies, you know what this did to me…sent me straight to tears. I don’t even remember what he prayed about because I was so overcome with emotion that he was a big enough man to be that real and vulnerable with me and to lead me in that way. WOW! Another time while I was traveling with the job I had at the time he sent me flowers and a devotional that he had read that used the phrase ‘unspeakable joy’. That has been a theme throughout our marriage. God has blessed me with an unspeakable joy in my dear husband. Our 12 years have been like other marriages with hot spots and issues that we had to work thru but never, not one single time, did I question that I had heard God correctly when HE told me that this cute boy from Idalou was the one. I just can’t express how grateful I am about the LORD’s calling on my life to be Mrs. Stan Everitt and the mother of his children..
Now that we’re parents it brings a whole new dimension to our relationship. We have been given a common passion with our love of adoption and growing our family in that way. (Hello…we are “one” in God’s eyes so why wouldn’t he give us a common passion—I just love when you can see HIM so clearly). To see my man with my little girl is one of the most amazing things ever. I watched them just this morning while I was curling my hair as they just cuddled and talked to each other about what they were going to do today. Nothing really special or out of the ordinary and you would think that talk about a nap and lunch together wouldn’t be an emotional journey but then you probably aren’t the wife of a man who adores, absolutely adores, his little girl. On a whole different note….I also think it’s kinda sexy to see him be so sweet and tender to that little person but this is a G rated blog so I’m gonna stop there. 
I respect so many things about Stan but I’ll mention a couple that are most prominent on my heart today;
His desire to provide for Xan and I both financially and with his physical presence. I am so thankful to have a hard working, ethical, responsible man that wants to come home to us each and every night. I do not take this for granted now and I pray I never do.
He also has an insatiable desire for learning. He spends countless hours (and always has) reading and researching the topic that he is most interested in during a particular season. I, on the other hand, can spend countless hours doing things that benefit me very little but he has been a good example for me.
I also respect him greatly for his unwavering temper and emotion. He can be in the midst of something huge and horrible and most people would never know it. He can just deal with things in a way that puts people at ease and without a lot of drama. He has taught me many lessons both as a person and as a manager in this area. I’m glad that is the kind of personality that is leading my family.

Well...that is my diatribe for the day. Thanks for indulging me and listening to me walk down memory lane and brag on Stan for a bit. I’m happy that he is mine and I am his and I pray that the LORD would be pleased to continue to use our marriage as a blessing to me. May we have many, many more years of unspeakable joy.

I love you Stan…..today and forever.

12 Years Ago today in Jamaica


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Ginger Hudock said...

This is so sweet. Stan is lucky to have you, too!

Jenny said...

Congratulations to you! What a beautiful family you have!

Anonymous said...

I like the both of you!! And glad to have been with you during those first several years of marriage, just all of us hanging out! Miss you both,