Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Girl and Her Nana

I know that I've mentioned before how incredibly blessed I am to have a wonderful friend who just happens to be my mother-in-law. She really is a treasure and I value her friendship more and more each year. We are very close and we have shared many hours of wonderful heart to heart girl talks. Her wisdom is such a blessing and her generosity to love on me is simply amazing.

Speaking of does leaving her home (and Grandaddy) for 3 whole weeks and coming to help me get ready to move around the world. She did just that....gladly and with a very warm heart for me and all that I had to get accomplished so that Xan and I could join Stan in China. We had to prepare for an estate sale, sell 2 vehicles, pack 4 huge suitcases, say lots of goodbyes and sell a house after going through pretty much everything we owned during that 3 weeks. Oh yeah....a small detail that is important to note...I worked full time for about 1/2 those 3 weeks so she also had Xan with her all day. Amazing I tell ya!

She was such a huge help and knew just what I would need before I needed it. If I needed to veg on the couch for a night and "just talk", or drink coffee till 10 in the morning and "just talk", or stay up until midnight going through childhood memorabilia and cry or "just talk"....she did it right alongside me. She also got to really know some of my closest friends.....she had certainly met them all before but b/c she had so much time with us this time she was able to really know and love them like I do (and they her). This was good and bad for her because although she LOVED it I know that since we aren't in Aiken anymore she won't have the opportunity to spend time with them. Thank goodness for Facebook :).....I think it's pretty cool that my friends want to be her friend and vice versa.

I know that Ann didn't mind getting to clean and organize and pack with me but the highlight I'm sure was the intense, one on one time that she had with Xan. They really hadn't ever had that much time with just the two of them and the mutual adoration was so apparent. They had a ball and created their own sweet memories that I am so grateful for. I got a few pictures of the three of us on Easter and then some of the two of them before Ann left. Xan really didn't quite understand why Nana wasn't just going to go to China with us. It just made sense to her. :)

Thank you Ann.....I love you and so does our sweet girl.

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