Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Things from This Week

Here is a quick list of a few (17 to be exact) random things I've done this week ---be careful, this is pretty exciting stuff!

1. Went to fabric market / flea market with Stan and spent $15 on fabric followed by a lunch that cost $7 and was more food than we could eat.

2.  Grieved for a former teacher/friend who lost her husband of 24+ years this week in a horrible, tragic accident that left her a single mom with 3 teenage/young adult children.

3.  Ran 6.4 miles in 1 hour and 8 minutes and it was 30 degrees.

4.  Continued a 4 month long fight with AT&T wireless.

5.  Really enjoyed some incredible croissants from a German bakery in Shanghai that delivers to Suzhou (totally negated #3)

6.  Cried and laughed both, uncontrollably at times. (no reason......just because I'm a girl)

7.  Sang praises to an absolutely amazing GOD with a very off key Korean woman behind me doing the same thing.  (the man in front of me could be blogging a similar stmt about me right now)

8.  Made 15 sippy cups of warm chocolate milk

9.  Watched a sinful number of The Office episodes after obtaining a new VPN for our computer and doing the happy dance with Stan for at least 45 minutes. (this was seriously life changing for us...woohoo)

10.  Paid almost $5 for a can of Rotel because I craved a good mexican casserole after explaining it to a friend from Pennsylvania (*gasp*- she had never heard of Rotel)

11.  Had a very interesting conversation with my 5 yo daughter about death after reading the story of Abraham and Isaac.....yeah-didn't see that one coming.

12. Attended a recipe exchange / luncheon with women from all over the world...very cool.

13.  Made princess cupcakes that took 4 hours and a ton of supplies but made one special little Asian girl really smile.

14.  Missed my sister .......a lot.  (direct relation to #6)

15.  Changed my mind at least 37 times about whether to cut my hair short or let it grow.

16.  Downloaded 4 new books from the Kindle "free" list......I love my kindle and so love the freebies!

17.  Made heart shaped toast and spread nutella (chocolate wonderfulness) on it---called it breakfast ---and sent my little one to school.

Chat with ya later.

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we are the spencers said...

loved all of this. i like lists like that, it tells me so much about what you have going on. i like hearing about the little things too! do this again.