Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yet another birthday post

So.....Xan wanted a birthday party with her China friends but since her birthday was at the beginning of a 2 week school holiday we had to wait until her friends returned to actually host her party.  She invited 5 little girls and 4 were able to make it....we had princess games, princess dresses, princess cupcakes and all things princessy......(can you guess the theme?) are the pics.

The Royal Table

The Princess and her Prince waiting for the party to begin.

Princess Tori entering the Ball

Princess Xan making her announced entrance.  

The princesses (less a few shy ones) were dancing and twirling away as one of the moms cheered from the balcony.  

Princess Elizabeth did enjoy her twirly ribbon wand.  

Many, many kisses were planted on the Frog amidst giggles galore.  

We passed the poison apple.  

Princess Alessia and Princess Elizabeth were often caught laughing.

Princess Tori thought it quite funny to mix the games and act like a frog while passing the poison apple.

Princess Xan really wanted to eat the apple but alas her request was denied.  

Cupcake Goal:  Princess Xan selected these for her party.  Her mother was quite nervous about completing such a daunting task.
But......they turned out pretty darn cute (if I do say so myself).
Princess Kallie's castle is right next door to Princess Xan's and they can each often be found at the
other's if not at their own.  

Princess Alessia was quite beautiful in her Aurora dress.....the envy of one Princess in particular.  
What a sweet group of little was a blessing to have them in our home and celebrate these beautiful princesses.  
Chat with you later.


Anonymous said...


What a special party for such a special little girl! I love all the princess costumes and your cupcakes are fantastic! We took Stella to see "Beauty and the Beast" last night and several little girls there wore their princess costumes....very cute! Grace made it as far as dinner and then got sick so we had to take her home...she was so sad and so were we:(
Love you and miss you!


we are the spencers said...

awesome! amazing cupcakes! they turned out great!! you are the best mom. i sure wish eva could have been there, she would have LOVED it. looks like xan had tons of fun. so happy for her!