Monday, May 16, 2011

Girly Stuff

 So I went earlier this week to have a pedi with some friends of mine and I'd like to say it was because one of them had a birthday the day before but really we just like to go get pedis together and the fact that she had a birthday was just gravy.  We could at least "say" it was for her birthday.  Well....anyway, when Xan got home that afternoon and saw my toes she was jealous to say the least.  I stepped way out of my toenail polish comfort zone (Oh come on!  you know you have those colors you don't ever venture far from....don't judge me!) and went with a dark purple and then really let my inner rebel out and asked them to paint a flower on each of my big toes.  I live on the edge here people.

Stan had to go out of town this weekend so I bribed promised Xan that if she was a sweet girl then we would go get hers painted while he was away.  She kept her end of the bargain and so Sunday afternoon we headed over to a nail shop close to our house.  We had a gift card from a friend who had moved back to the states (thanks Ms Lori) and so on top of it being close and a fun was free!  I love free!

Here is little Miss Thing being way to comfortable getting pampered.  I can't imagine where she has learned to enjoy such fine things.  
She was loving it!

Seriously......she had the best time!  It was fun.

And for the final results -

She thinks it is so cool that we have matching toes.  I think it is so cool that she wants to have matching toes with her Momma.  

Chat with ya later-


we are the spencers said...

love that purple color! way to step out. maybe i'll buy a color like that. xan is definitely your daughter! miss you guys so much!!!!

Kimberly Adams said...

missing you on facebook....and lo and behold I found new blog posts :) Love the toes!!!! Missing you!

Lori said...

I would like to believe that I had a role in establishing the pampered lifestyle of the little princess, my dearest Xan... I did have a girls night out with her that included a mani, ice cream, and some serious playground flirting with cute boys and balloons! Corruption at its best while you and Stan had a BORING night out on the town!!! Man, I miss you all!!

Anonymous said...

Like the matching toes! And, by the way, mine have been lavender since April:)
Love ya,