Sunday, August 7, 2011


When it's hot outside you get creative to pass the time.  I think Xan spent almost 30 minutes on two different occasions blowing bubbles in this old mixing bowl.  On this particular day I just kept watching her and had one of those "I'm so blessed to be her Momma" moments.  I hurried to snap a photo and I'm so glad I did.....I love it!
Chat with ya later.


Shirley said...

Absolutely adorable! Sure was having a good time!

we are the spencers said...

fantastic pic!!!! love it. miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Here is another idea for those hot summer days. Cheap shaving cream all over the bar. Ethan and Addie will play for at least an hour. Ethan even formed Godzilla one day out of it. Love you guys