Thursday, September 1, 2011


I know there's probably some unspoken blog rule that you just should have a post about the first day of school and that you should have at least 17 pictures (which have been expertly posed- to not look posed -that include grade or age indicating props and cute new shoes and hairbows and on and on and on).  Well I'm just going to rebel and not do it.....nope ...not gonna do it. I refuse to be persuaded by peer pressure and do things just because I'm supposed to.   (whisper from my powerful internal rule follower:  You can see my first day of school photos  on facebook).  Instead I'm going to show you another day that caused quite a bit of happiness here a few weeks ago.  Rebellious I know......

It was one morning and Xan and I were in the living/dining room.  We heard some incessant knocking on our neighbors door and since I was nosy concerned about who would knock for so long when clearly no one was home and at such an early hour (it was before 8am) I looked thru the peep hole and boy was I glad I did.  There was a guy trying to deliver a package that was obviously from America and I knew my neighbors weren't so I decided I needed to intervene.  I opened the door and in all my pajama clad, sheet creased cheek, bed head glory I walked over to him, glanced at the box and confidently told him that it was mine.  He was a bit startled by my appearance boldness but after convincing him that we were indeed the Everitts that were listed on the label he smiled and went on his way.  

Xan and I couldn't wait to tear into that box and see what treasures awaited us.  Stan's parents (who love us very much as evidenced by what they pay to send these surprises over to us) had packaged up some little pieces of home and we were absolutely giddy.   We had no idea what all was included but the anticipation is 1/2 the fun......well at least 1/4 of the fun.  We thought about waiting for Stan but then thought again and decided he wouldn't find it near as exciting as we girls would so we went ahead without him.    

There were lots of goodies in the box and we had fun spreading it all out and taking our time to look at each thing.  Here are a few that made us really HAPPY.  

This made Xan very HAPPY.  Her Nana knows how she loves gum and the assorted flavors were just almost too much.  

These made me very HAPPY.  Nana also knows how much I love sunflower seeds and the "jumbo" variety too!  Oh my......I was so very smiley.  

These little treasures made me HAPPY too.......wonderful and cute note cards (you can't find any little notecard things here and particularly faith based ones) and this book that I'd been wanting for sometime.  

These made all of us HAPPY.  We love pepper and this brand is very hard to get here.  If you had told me two years ago I'd be cheesy, big mouth, grinning over McCormick pepper I would have rolled my eyes and thought something smart but I was HAPPY.

So that, my friends, is me letting my inner rebel out.  No first day of school post here....nope.  I'm certain that these pictures of pepper and sunflower seeds have made your day too.  Glad to share some of our HAPPY with you.  If you need me I'll be reading my new book, eating seeds and asking Xan to quit smacking her gum.  

Chat with ya later-


Shirley said...

How fun to receive a package and with all the things that you can not get there. I remember when we were in Quito and missed certain things. Now I am trying not to be mean. But I had teds recently and thought of you! It was so good! Danielle and I went when they were here and we thought of you. At least we were thinking of you. Tell xan to enjoy that gum!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo for family and the packages they mail! Can I check out the new book when your done? You can keep the pepper, the seeds and the gum! :-)

we are the spencers said...

if mama's happy, everybody's happy. i love seeing pictures of your goodies! miss you guys so much. i was sad this morning thinking about how eva and xan could have started kindergarten together in aiken. but at least they are happy girls right where they are, even if it is a gazillion miles apart!